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Mic volume on Dell XPS M1330 running Ubuntu 10.04

September 9, 2010 4 comments

Problem: Microphone volume on my Dell XPS M1330 on Ubuntu is way too low.

My guess is that pulseaudio does not recognize the correct range for the volume setting on the microphone. The microphone array adjusts volume in hardware (I guess).

The not so simple fix, is to open PulseAudio Manager (paman), and set the volume manually: Devices | Sources | <microphone source> | Properties, and set volume to some large value above 100%, such as 260%.

To store this setting is not so simple, and it is something of a chore to do this setting everytime I start Skype. Until it is fixed, my solution for it is to edit  /etc/pulse/  and add the following line to the bottom:

set-source-volume 1 170000
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